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Franco "Pontito" Magnani


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About Me


My Background


Franco Magnani was born in 1934 in Pontito, Italy, a hilltown not far from Florence which was destined to become an important focus of his later life.

His childhood was a contented one in this small village whose inhabitants grew their own food and lived self-sufficiently. Unfortunately, life changed tragically for Franco when his father died in an accident in 1942, and for the entire hilltown when the war brought the Nazis who pillaged Pontito.


My Medium


Franco’s artistic creativity and love of Pontito was supported and shared by his beloved wife, Ruth, herself an artist. Married in 1975, they owned the Pontito Gallery in San Francisco’s North Beach until Ruth passed away in 1988. Franco closed the gallery and went back to work as a cook to make ends meet.


My Inspiration

 "Franco Magnani has been painting and drawing scenes of Pontito, his home town in the hills of Tuscany, since 1965. His canvases are filled with the stone buildings and archways, the rolling landscape and ancient Etruscan ruins of his birthplace and the surrounding countryside .His original artworkartwork. 

His first four original paintings for sale.